Albert for the Contact Center

Albert is a technical support bot designed to help contact center agents find information in an instant. You do not need to be a programmer to create an Albert. Simply upload a document to the SICURA™ QuickStart platform, and in a few moments your Albert is ready to work. A bot provides agents with consistent answers at the click of a button, so contact center managers are able to reduce training time, while improving overall customer satisfaction.

Take your Contact Center to the next level with Artificial Intelligence.

Getting the Most Out of Your Albert

Here are some examples of how managers and agents have used Albert.

Contact Center Tools

Help agents understand the tools at their disposal.

"How do I add a customer report to my dashboard?"

Product Details

Turn your agents into product experts quickly.

"Is F105 compatible with G205?"

Process Descriptions

Help agents understand and follow your contact center policies and procedures.

"When do I turn a contact into and opportunity?"

Email Templates

Help your agents find the right email template faster.

"Albert how do we handle the return policy?"

Agent Scripts

Provide agents with access to the right script to ensure consistency and compliance.

"Albert how do I on-board a new customer?"

Benefits & Features of Albert for the Contact Center

How to Create Your Own Albert

Create your helpful contact center virtual assistant in minutes. See the steps it takes to produce a bot on the SICURA QuickStart™ platform.

Use a document you have already created and add the appropriate headings or create your document. Then save it.


Log in to SICURA QuickStart.


Select "Teach Albert" and select the document you wish to upload. Once complete, close the "Success" pop up.


Click "Launch Albert" to ensure your knowledge was captured.


Copy the URL below "Launch Albert" and paste the link where you would like agents to access it.


A Call Center Story

This call center has 35 agents. They are responsible for providing Technical Support and Customer Care to customers in multiple countries, 24/7/365. The call center experiences a 30% churn rate every year. The product sold by the company includes both Hardware and Software components. It takes agents about one month to become fully proficient in answering questions about the products, services and the company. To help the agents, the company created a set of template emails designed to answer the most frequently asked questions by customers. The email templates did help, but it was not easy for agents to find the right email that matched the customers' issues. To solve this problem the call center manager tried to organize the email templates in categories, they also tried a search engine, but the categories required many clicks and the search engine returned too many potential matches. The call center manager enlisted Albert to improve efficiency in her call center


The call center manager achieved the following objectives: a) Reduced the time to get an agent up to speed by 75% b) Agents were excited to get a tool that made their job easier and churn dropped from 33% to 23% c) Because Albert delivered information to the agents’ fingertips in real time, AHT dropped by 12 points d) Consistency and compliance of the information delivered by the agents improved significantly to 91% because agents were all leveraging one single source of information e) Albert provided specific reporting on how many questions agents asked and what those questions were about.

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